Come Hither O Herald Of Death

by Absence Of The Sacred

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Band: Absence of the Sacred
Title: Come Hither O Herald Of Death (Full-Length)
Year: 2012
Label: Sonic Blast Media

Track Listing:
1. Enslave Fire
2. Quandary of flesh
3. Oracle
4. Veneration Unorthodox
5. Perpetual Decline
6. The Necropolitan
7. Recesses of the Hollow
8. Enlightenment Despised
9. Dawn of a Dead Aeon


released March 1, 2012

Mike Priest: Songwriting/Lyrics/Guitars/Vocals
Darren C: Lead Guitars and Solos
Mike Kalember: Bass
Kevin Talley: Drums

Guest Musicians:
Rigel Walshe (Dawn of Azazel)
CJ Kao (Chthonic)
Byron Braidwood (Spearhead)

Recorded at Everlong Studios (US), Snakeweed Studios (Singapore), Busybug Studios (Singapore), CJ Studios (Taiwan)
Mixed by Mike Kalember
Mastered by Wojtek and Slawek Wieslawski at Hertz Studios (Poland)



all rights reserved


Absence Of The Sacred Singapore

Dystopian Death Metallers ABSENCE OF THE SACRED have sharpened their craft with deadly
technical proficiency since 2005 and remains one of Southeast Asia's stronger Extreme
Metal entities despite being on hiatus since 2014.

Fusing both modern and primal elements of Death Metal with a bludgeoning technical prowess and
progressive sensibilities, they offer the listener a visceral aural experience.
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Track Name: Enslave Fire
Paralyze the moment of reason
Flames enshroud the grains of memory
Incandescent aura of the supernal being
Now in ashes descend

Coalescing the internal conflict
Weaving the threads of insanity
The overmind in remission
I enslave fire

Desiderate the control of self
The antitheist dogma absolute
Fervent relevance towards revelation
Strike the hand of providence

Proclaim the will
I am the will unto itself
Manifesting against the void
Out of consequence
out of time

In the vessel of deliberation
Deliver me from consternation
My body is the temple
Of knowledge I am born

From knowledge I am born
Track Name: Quandary Of Flesh
Suffer the physical death
The debridlement of slough
Infected with rot as necrosis sets
The body is cultured by wounds

Warmth has left the corpse, festering internal decay
The fragility of flesh, the vesalien epiphany

Cell structure breaking down, apathetic mortal waste
A life less lived, anonymous, another faceless human being

Nothing matters now
That the dead have come to claim their own
From materialist to protagonist
Reap what you have sown

Fear and underlying deceit
Inaugurate the blind while they walk in sleep
Unaware of the weakness ingrained
Possessions enthrall the entertained

Unveil the pure of creed
From the funeral shroud of mortality
Alienate the sickness and fear
Consuming impulse of life is here

Aspirate the vision
Reaffirm the affirmation
Discerning falsity
Figuring out the quandary

Celebrated hypocrisy
Within personal iniquity
Unmask the sepulchre
Reveal the structure of lies

Mute heteronomy
Sycophantic autonomy
Deconstruct the mentality
Reveal the emptiness inside
Track Name: Oracle
Assail the senses and thoughts
Reconstruct the anatomy of autonomy
Transmigrate the individual consciousness
The awakening of self-analogy

Incarnate, integrate, replicate
You are collective, one and the same
Revel in the ignorance of your flesh
I will watch as the hive withers alive

Corporeal dilation
Focus envenomed
Severed entirety
Effervescence scourged

Agents of disillusionment
Christen the uninitiated
Infect the conformist mind
Reincarnate the failing paradigm

Exalt the lie
Enthroned upon deadened minds
Superficial construct
Advent of a soulless decline

Collapsing pinnacles of sanity
Breaking the unspoken solidarity
Embrace the apparent oracle
Fulfillment of this self-prophecy
Track Name: Veneration Unorthodox
Relinquish the art of martyrdom
Hollow shell of unbecoming
Sacrificial ritual of discernment
Venerating absolutely nothing

Shed the skin
And place within
The forgotten thought

Through the flesh
Veils of blood
The resonant heart

Relive in the binding of what is reborn
Aware of how the self is being restored
Boundless quandaries of the fragile mind
Shatter the walls and the state confined

Different perceptions are marginalized
Obscure beliefs are unsanctified
Conform to the opposition
Bow in lucid trepidation

Collapse the form ostracized
Symbolic truths are compromised
Adhere to the intervention
Piously in aberration

Submit in surrender
Process of re-creation
Revel in enlightenment
Adepter of certainty

What we see is what we are to believe
What we say is what we are to receive
Bleeding for the words
Track Name: Perpetual Decline
Name the terms of ambiguity
Failure rationalized
Set the standards of humility
The perpetual decline

Every thoughtless mind
Burdened by the Guilt of self-deprecation

Every single line
Unredeemable Acts of ill intention

Ingrained by insecurities
Hindered by forceful denial
Tribulated by indignities
Hands behind the shame

Attributed blame

Without pretension’s curse
To fulfill the endless need
For one to come in first
Embrace not the greed to succeed

Feel the weight of the world
Crushing you down low
Ambition was the drive
But now it’s feeding a lie

Going deep
further down
Crashing hard
leveled ground
Track Name: The Necropolitan
Deep inside the mind you’ll never know
Hidden secrets of memories long forgot
Blinded eyes of which will never show
Insidious intentions and malicious thoughts

Dead inside, paving ways endlessly
Going through his silent suffering
A death-like trance has taken hold of him
A dreamless world has no beginning

Disparity unfolds
Recognition unknown
Faceless reality
Pitiful existence

Counting faces on the wall
Splitting numbers to pass the time

Inevitable circumstance
Coveting contentment
Self-delusional environment
Labyrinths of the dead

A dirge for the mind
The ending inception
Perspective maligned
Twisted into horror

Insanity purloined
From the hands of subjugation
A steady decline
Away from human intervention

Surrounded by perditious signs
Ruin and wreck spawned from his own designs
Apprehended by the unnameable
Forced to crawl upon all fours
Track Name: Recesses Of The Hollow
Reveal the remnants of the vile
Upheaval of acrimonious certainty
Recesses of which the empty bow
In reverence to absolute frailty

What did they see, What did they believe
What have they done wrong

Led by the blind, End of the line
Losing their minds in disgrace

What could they do, Death followed through
Nothing but ash remains

To receive in unction
The undisclosed submission
Revel in absolution
Congregate in rapture

Crevices of the eye
Read between the lines
Subtle undermining deceit
The essence of mankind

Seething truths to scathe their lies
Deafening silence meets untimely demise
The erupted wrath to which the empty bow
In reverence to ones they formerly despised

Tragedy in piety
Filial gestures Scorned
Fervent worship unresolved
Prostrate devotion Scorned

The everlasting faith, Consumed by the depraved
Venit dies
dies irae

The neverending age
Coalesce to disengage
Mindless flesh
a soulless cage
Track Name: Enlightenment Despised
Disregard the will to live
High upon pedestals of the lowest stature
Incompetence reprieved
Self-assertion of a magnanimous order

Watch the actions falter
Witness as the words decay
Symbiosis of nihility
Representative of nothingness

Counter-balancing the anti-matter
Decisive actions hold no polarity
Mirrored images of what could have been
Shattered instances of reality

Awareness ignored
Abusing the factors of circumstance
Paving the way to the inevitable end

Live for the day
To fathom not the day after
Slowing to delay
An affliction of which passes over

Contrived movements stay
Unhindered by the once betrayed
Tender faces portray
Innocence rendered in disarray
Track Name: Dawn Of A Dead Aeon
Rise in the hour of death as it comes to claim
Trails of bodies lay in the path of change
Rot and filth in elaborate splendor
Cursed days of Armageddon

Pray for this resurrection now
Birthed in malevolence
Shrouded in flame as
The world burns to it’s end

Witness this new age of suffering
Cleanse the ways of old
Raise the new utopia

Like a predator
To its prey
Comes the overthrow
Of this bastard reign

Rise up dead in apostasy
Watch as the flesh peels away
Radiated sickness contaminating
The soul decays

Show them ways to the grave
Denizens of a new hell await
Emergence of a viral plague
The end of days

To return, in aversion
A course of certainty
To wallow, in submission
Beneath grievous entities

Celebrate the end of everything
All is lost in dream
Cry for salvation
For all I see is death

Rise up dead in apostasy

Show them ways to the grave

Dawn of a dead aeon