Atrocities That Birthed Abominations

by Absence Of The Sacred

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"This album has been the soundtrack to my journeys to and from work this week and I can't tell you how awesome it is to find a Death Metal album that makes me just want to hit the repeat button and keep it playing for as long as possible."
- Lou of Loucifer Speaks Webzine (UK)

"As a first up release ‘Atrocities That Birthed Abominations’ is pretty stunning both in a musical sense and with its intelligent and thought provoking lyrics and subject matter. One might even say it does a good job of outshining some of the tentative first releases of a couple of the acts who have undoubtedly inspired Absence Of The Sacred. Check it out, you will not regret it."
- Jamie Goforth of Black Belle Webzine (Australia)

"Atrocities that Birthed Abominations sound fresh from the first track to the last. The entire album generates a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, dealing with the decline of humanity and how the world is just going down. Absence of the Sacred paints a picture of the "Abominations" that are spawned from our "Atrocities" in a chillingly effective manner, all the while escorted by the tight musicianship and sonic soundscapes."
- Encyclopaedia Metallum


released September 1, 2006

Music and Lyrics: Mike Priest



all rights reserved


Absence Of The Sacred Singapore

Dystopian Death Metallers ABSENCE OF THE SACRED have sharpened their craft with deadly
technical proficiency since 2005 and remains one of Southeast Asia's stronger Extreme
Metal entities despite being on hiatus since 2014.

Fusing both modern and primal elements of Death Metal with a bludgeoning technical prowess and
progressive sensibilities, they offer the listener a visceral aural experience.
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Track Name: The Malignant Strain
Countdown to the second hour
Dying comes a little bit slower
Revive not the human race
An epitaph of life

Contempt is taking over
Witness the innocent suffer
Consequence will deal the hand
A return to life.

Open up to swallow the lie
See the hate infesting inside
They isolate themselves
For their demons

Sadistic motives are found
Their hands are pulling me down
Disassembling the masses
For their demons

Complicit movements
Accentuate madness
Compelled and enthralled
Physicality enslaved

A vision seems to bring forward
The ending of times to come
A process of bleeding inwards
They call it blood for blood
Track Name: My Vendetta
False prophets and religions
Bleed their believers for faith and disease
I shall bring down your ascension
Drown in your own filth and corruption

Tear away the laws of the world
Dying divinity descending low
Indulge in the blood of your martyr
Bleeding like a venomous crescendo

From which I create
A method to subjugate
Your perverted words
Your scheme of sufferance

Global web of deceit
Robes cast from gold and greed
Spreading their calculative lies
In front of sheltered eyes

Cast upon the throne of hypocrisy
A crown of thorns to pierce in malice
Scriptures awashed in innocent blood
Bullets fired by the crowds in apostasy

Fear is their weapon of choice
My weapon shall be my voice
I shall destroy the influence
Nothing controls my mind

I have no gods and no masters
I spit upon empty idolatry
Desecrate the houses of the holy
Nothing is sacred, nothing is safe from

My vendetta
Track Name: Fallen Into Obscurity
Time will waste away
Remnants of thought and mortality
Rot the ignorant flesh
Nothing ever stays

In the bleak desolation
Even dreams will decay
Expunged into non-existence
Null and void

Exile the spirit and mind
From silent bodies
Drifting in dead reverie
Null and void

Withdrawn beyond comprehension
Purposelessness conceived
Cease the flow and connection
Dispel all belief

Fallen into obscurity
By harsh reality
Everything fades to grey
Track Name: Our Glorious Dead
Lie in the trench
Feel the fire underneath
Blood is boiling now
Wings of death are flying free

Veil of sovereignty
Lies built for us to see
Wounded dogs of war

A bloodied history

Fear engulfs the weak
Kill the need to hear and speak
Stained foreheads of the young
Imprisoned where they don’t belong

Take the rebellious ones
Chaingangs of the strong
Churn the wheels of hate
Watch this world disintegrate

Fire at the opposing force
They shall not get across
Finish them off, critical strike
Decimation of the enemy lines

For this to satiate
Revenge is sworn through the blood

Rebel lands swept in dust
Bodies rest in decay
Open tombs for the suffering
Behold the everlasting day

The lasting day
Track Name: Grifter
Shadowed walls breached by the
Figure of untold apprehension
Bullets graze nothing but the
Air that he breathes

Movements made to subtlety deceive
Then comes the sleight-of-hand
Weapons used as a divine reprieve
There is nothing to understand

Wreck, kill, maim
The aim of sabotage
Cock, load, fire
Art of assassination
Meld, hide and wait
Methods of deception

Silent as death-like sleep
Cloaked mercenary
Merciless and swift
Judgment upon the wicked

Track Name: Deadening the Dispirited
Walking blind towards the road of self-destruction
The depths of a hell unknown
Questioning the integrity of self-preservation
We take the first hurting steps

From sufferance comes perseverance
Limited by imperfection
In the presence of burning time
The failures of the human condition
Hinders the ability to heal and proceed

Scaling the heights of revelation
Only to fall through the hands of grace
Holding onto what is left
The remnants of belief and shattered faith

The gratification of recurring delusions
Distracts the focus of a direction

Purpose of being has been denominated
Reason condemned before accusing eyes
Sewn shut with lies

We feel ourselves nearing the end

Failure is an option that should be cast aside
A step away from the edge of decline
To let time heal all our wounds in kind
But the deepened, engraved scars still remain
Track Name: Atrocities That Birthed Abominations
Crawl upon the threshold of tolerance and severity
Trespass not the boundaries, digress the atrocities
Birthed are the fallen ones, atone for nothing they have done
Conceive destruction through the mouth of the temple
Requite the visions of the formless ones
Through penance re-assailed

We have waited so long
For this time to come
We have waited so long
For this time to decrown

Contradictions of life condescend
Fractions of thought derailed
Consequences re-construed
Fragments of life assumed

Freefall of command
Enunciation of power and strength
Denouncement of integrity
Shroud of war descends

Through this mortal coil
Relieve this turmoil
Reject the final day
Head downwards to praise

Through this mortal coil
Relieve this turmoil
Reject the final day
Head downwards to praise

Receive the anointment of statutory rape
Defile the innocence with incorruptible hate

Receive the anointment of statutory rape
Defile the innocence with incorruptible hate